segunda-feira, janeiro 12, 2009

"You and I, Tovarich, we are students, writers, and readers; we belong to something that's bigger than any government; we owe loyalty, if you want, to something higher than any one state. Political loyalties are conditional upon our reasoning, and such loyalties are not circumscribed by national boundaries.... The internationalism of the mind and sensibilities is not an abstract internationalism. Nor is it inaccessible. It is available in the bookstore on the corner, and the library downtown; it is as solid as the feeling set up by the look of a steel beam, as specific as the grace of a bamboo shoot, as general as the idea of nature or humanity....
"To write is to reason; it is to fight against chaos and murk. There's an enthusiasm that "takes you over" when you feel -- it doesn't matter now whether it is so or not -- when you feel you're conquering a little more of it for and by understanding. "
C. Wright Mills (1954) Letters and Autobiographical Writings, University of California Press 2000: 184-187).
E se precisarmos do Estado para nos defender ou assegurar a paz? Ou, como deixar de precisar dele sem ficar apátrida, pária ou excluída socialmente?

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